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hello curls...

Marble Texture

are you ready to embrace your natural curls?


I really want you to love your curls and show you how to get the best out of them, Using beautiful products we can transform your curls so that they're happy, hydrated and bouncy. You can then love your locks whilst looking and feeling fabulous ...whats not to love about that?


As you know all curls are different. In order to bring them to life they need to be treated differently. I appreciate that a lot of guests with curly hair are often quite nervous when visting the salon. Let's change that!

As all curls needs are different, it will vary in the time that your appointment takes. Please allow plenty of time. When booking I will ask you about your hair type so that we can get an idea of time and cost.

curly price guide


a guide to pricing your curly cut


Fine to medium curls and length

1hr 30mins approx



medium/thick curls

2 hours approx



very thick or long

2hrs 30+

from £115


We will have a chat about your hair length and texture at the time of your booking. Feel free to send me pics of your hair so that I can get a better idea of your curls.

your curly appointment

your curly appointment...


...I can't wait to meet you at your appointment! Please arrive with your hair down and completely dry. I'll be working with your natural curl pattern so if its tied up, in a bun, ponytail or head band your curl will be stretched out and it will be difficult to work with it properly.


Please cleanse it and use product on the day of your appointment but nothing that is oily or greasy like butters.


Please don't brush or comb through your curls


Don't worry if your hair feels frizzy, we're about to change this. This is a new chapter for your curls!


p.s. absolutely don't be nervous, your curls WILL thank you for showing them the love!

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